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Sonman: Distributor and Installer of Solar systems on the Commercial and Domestic level since 2006

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Clean Power For All. High Voltage Expandable Systems with a Charging time of Just 1.6 hours. The Fanless design Ensures a Noise-Free Experience. 10-Year Warranty for Both inverter and Battery. 24/7 Back Up and Dual Fire-Resistant.

Suitable for Apartments, Houses, and Estates.

Sonman Solar Energie

 Sonman Family Distribute and Install on a Domestical as well as Commercial level.

We do the whole Range From Small 1Kw up to big Commercial Solar Systems, Gas and Electrical with After Sales Service and Support with personal assistance to All our Clients countrywide.

Our Product Range fit almost everyone’s desires and needs.


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Why Solar Energy


With all the price increases in fuel and Eskom can one not other than think Solar Energy?

It might seem expensive at first but once you do the sums and see your monthly expenses of Eskom and increases thereof you realize that Solar Energy works out much cheaper on the long run.

We gladly assist you step by step to convert your electricity from Eskom to Solar as what you can afford and still have the same lifestyle as what you are used to.

We provide you with DIY Solar systems, panels, regulators, inverters, batteries, cables, DB bords, switches, circuit breakers and much more.

Contact us for your free evaluation in Tswane district and also learn more what Solar Energy can do for you and how it works.

We provide you with solar as well as gas products and many more, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What You Need to Know About Getting Solar

Some guidelines for Solar power users

When you decide to get a solar power system are there some important points to note before you take your final decision.

Firstly discuss it with your entire household, especially your wife, and make 100% sure that they all understand solar power, otherwise you will have problems later.
Make sure that your household understand the size and capacity of the solar system you want to install because with utility power you have basically unlimited power 24/7. With solar power you are limited to the size of your system, normally 5Kw inverter per household with ±12 x 330W panels that can deliver ±3Kw power per hour for about 5.5 hours per day. This power from the panels must supply power for your power consumption during the day plus it must charge your batteries. If you have 2 x 4.8Kwh Lithium batteries you have only 7.68Kwh available during the 18 hours without sunshine, that will give you ±.426Kwh per hour.

Quick explaination of Solar

During each day between 10h00 to 16h00 = 6 hours the sun normal shine on your panels to give power through your inverter to charge your batteries and power for your useage. If your power useage are to high there won’t be enough to charge your batteries full.

After the sun stopped charging your inverter will use the power from your batteries to convert into 230V power for you to use. Your battery bank should be big enough to assist you with power throughout the night untill the sun shines again. Rather have bigger battery storeage than too small.
If your household use too much power you need to install a bigger solar system which cost much more or be without power when the battries are empty.
If and when your batteries are regularly empty your power system’s lifespan become much shorter and your maintenance cost will be much higher.

After your household understand how a solar power system works you can start changing the following before you decide on what size solar power system you want to install.

Change your electrical geyser with a solar geiser or gas geyser. A electrical geyser uses 4Kw power.
Change your electrical stove and oven with a gas stove and gas oven. A electrical stove plates uses 2Kw – 3Kw per plate and a electrical oven uses 4Kw.
You can think about to donate your electrical frying pan; Ketel & Toaster to some else. Use your gas stove to heat water and toast your bread, it’s much quicker and cheaper. Frying pan use between 2 – 3Kw; Kettle use between 1,8 – 2,4Kw; Toaster uses between 2 – 3Kw
Electric heaters uses between 2Kw – 4Kw sell it and get a gas heater.
NO welding machines to be used on your inverter power, get a generator to do your welding. Welding is acctually
a DEAD short and it will blow your inverter or your battery and the manufacturer will be able to see on the product what happened why it blow, you will have NO
Tumble driers uses also 4Kw, if you need to use a tumble drier use VERY discreet and shortly. Only use daytime while the sun is shining.
Don’t use a microwave (2 – 3Kw) and Iron (2Kw) on the same time. Only use them if really nesassarily and only during daytime when the sun is shining.
Make sure all your electrical appliances such as Fridges, Freezers, Tumble drier, washing machine, Dish washer, TV and aircons uses low power with a A+ or A++ or even A+++ Wash your washing with cold water.
You can make sure to change all your light bulbs to LED bulbs.
If possible change your security spot lights from 230V spot lights to a LED spotlight with his own solar panel and battery.
For standby invest in a good generator, a norm is double the size of your inverter. You’ll need the generator during longterm rainy days, other bad weather situations, on average 10 – 15 days a year.
If you have boorhole pumps or booster pumps they all need ±4 times their power to start up. For example if your booster pump are a .75Kw motor it will need ±3Kw when it start up.

Use electricity wisely and don’t overload your system, it will blow your inverter. Don’t waste your power it can lead to shortage of power when you need it the most.

Spread your power useage across the entire day, you’ll receive power each day from the sun.

Hope these guidelines will assist you to decide what size solar power system to install and assist you to use your solar power system much more efficient and efective. Be SOLAR wise and save money.

All the solar friendly household appliances and LED lights are available at our Sonman Online Shop.